4 Myths for Buying Recertified or Refurbished Hardware

For anybody who shops for tech products frequently knows that purchasing ‘Recertified’ or ‘Refurbished’ products can save hundreds of dollars. But, there is something unusual about the word ‘Refurbished’ – which might indicate that the product is repaired or is somehow not quite like the new one, inferior in proper context. There is no doubt that everybody likes to save money and at the same time they try everything at hand to avoid ending up with any faulty item or product.

Key Difference Between “Recertified” and “Refurbished”

From perspective, the key difference between a “Recertified” product and a “Refurbished” product is that one is totally equipped with a OEM warranty and the other one is just sold without it, fair and square. But, there are some other points of confusion as well which can sometimes affect one’s decision making while buying a product. Let’s take a look at some of the common misconceptions that are tagged along with recertified or refurbished products. Click to buy recertified hardware at our store.

Myth #1 – Refurbished Items Were Defected at Some Point

Items or products that are tagged “refurbished” are not always defective or faulty. Most retailers usually accompany products with a 30 day return policy for electronics and stuff, the products can be returned for one of the following reasons;

– Buyer’s remorse.

– Buyer’s change of mind.

– The product was subjected to minor exterior damage from the shipping.

– The product was overstocked and didn’t sell due to excess quantity until the next generation became available.

Although some products might be repaired to fix a damage or a fault which are completely taken care of. Manufacturers seemingly run these returned products through a strict re-building procedure, with careful expert inspection and quality control before actually throwing the products again on the market.

Myth #2: Refurbished Items Are Not Guaranteed & Are Prone To Breaking Down

It is quite the opposite. OEMs and authorized dealers usually equip their refurbished items and products with warranties to build customers’ trust into buying refurbished. However, the chances of a refurbished product going bad is almost little to none, and taking in account the promising warranties, it can be fixed (if a fault shows up). However, if under very unfortunate circumstances, should a product fail, the manufacturer warranty guarantees completely free replacement without any hidden charges with zero cost deduction or even the shipping charges.

Myth #3: Business & Enterprises Shouldn’t Buy Refurbished IT Products

There are literally plenty of satisfaction stories about educational institutions saving tons of taxpayer’s money just by buying refurbished IT hardware for their digital infrastructure. And most importantly, never did it occur that any institution was seen to be reporting against any refurbished equipment. Same can go for commercial businesses and large enterprises that rely on IT equipment and hardware for their operations. They can also procure refurbished IT equipment and hardware for their IT infrastructure without worrying much about them going bad, and by doing so will save them tons of money.

Myth #4 – Refurbished Items & Products Are Super Cheap

This can be true for most of the time but originally there is not valid proof that refurbished IT equipment and hardware are cheaper than their brand new product versions. Although refurbished products can sometimes turn out to be slightly used and repacked again with new warranties but that also doesn’t justify the fact that they should be cheap. You might see slightly lower prices for refurbished products than their brand new version but that difference is not something that speaks volumes. Most of the time, manufacturers and authorized dealers leverage deals and discounts to attract customers into buying their refurbished equipment and products. Click to see more IT equipment priced exclusively at our store.

Final Word:

Figuratively speaking, refurbished equipment and hardware are no less when it comes to performance and delivering results with the added benefit of extended warranties and relatively low prices. But, however, in the end it is always about the IT needs and requirements that should contribute in the decision making process. If you’re looking to buy refurbished hardware and equipment at exclusive prices, you can consult our expert IT professionals to do the job for you. Find the best refurbished hardware from memory clearance.

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