Ram Upgrade : Why you need it

The turtle may have won the metaphorical competition in a fabled rabbit and turtle race but in the world of technology, both are looked down upon as prey for a cheetah or an eagle. It’s about speed, efficiency, data processing, number crunches, transfer rates, graphic resolutions, data handling, workload management, productivity…. Pace, pace and more pace. Minimum time and effort and maximum output, it’s a tough task to keep up but we at memoryclearance.com are here to help.

A computer serves no useful purpose without a RAM (Random access memory), and the RAM directly affects the computer’s speed. One of the biggest reasons people upgrade their computers or replace them is for more RAM and increased speed. The Basics RAM is the work space in your computer. When you pull up a file, the processor makes a copy of that file from the hard drive, puts it in RAM, and that’s the file you work on. When you save that file, the work you have in RAM is copied down onto the read-only memory, or ROM, of the hard drive. In addition, whatever program you’re using runs in and off RAM, along with much of the operating system which is dependent upon the RAM and its efficiency to run tasks smoothly and effectively.

Decrease effort, Increase Output. It comes in the form of detachable integrated circuit strips, called “dual in-line memory modules” or DIMMs. A DIMM is usually 5 inches long and mounted to the motherboard of your computer. Generally, the more RAM you have installed in the computer, the faster it will run. More RAM increases the size of that work space, allowing you to do more complex things, or just to do more things. A person who multi-tasks and simultaneously runs a multi-tabbed Web browser, mail reader, word processing program, and music player for example will quickly notice a shortfall in RAM and computer efficiency. Complexity Requires More RAM.

Long-time computer users may remember when RAM was measured in kilobytes instead of gigabytes as it has been counted from 2010 onwards. But computers have evolved at a breakneck pace since the late-1980s, so has software and the users’ needs. The biggest benefit of upgrading your PC’s memory is better multi-tasking, especially for those of us using RAM-hogging applications. RAM generally does not make your PC faster, it just allows it to do more things at once. If your single application uses 200 MB of RAM, it won’t matter if you’ve got 2 or 8GB of total system memory, but if you’ve got 10 windows open using 200 MB each, then you are probably going to benefit from an upgrade.

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