WD’s latest SN 750 SE NVMe SSD

NVMe (Nonvolatile Memory Express) is a procedure designed to speed up the transfer of information between client and enterprise systems and flash memory systems, such as SSDs (Solid-State Drives). As WD has launched its SSD, get yourself ready for extreme combat with the limited edition SN750 SE NVMe SSD from WD BLACK Battlefield 2042 PC Game Code Bundle, along with a complete PC game code. This NVMe SSD comes with 2 Step up to generation 4 PCIe tech 3 with an inside SSD that provides 3600 MB/ s4 of sequential read speeds to help enhance your gaming rig performance as you involve the opponent across dynamic charts in Battlefield 2042. 

This means plenty of reduced time waiting for PC level loading, boot-up, and a lot more time streaming and playing. Also, with this latest SSD, you can monitor the health of your drive with the WD BLACK Dashboard to hold on to everything running effortlessly whereas optimizing ultimate gaming performance. 

About WD

Western Digital is an American-based computer hard disk drive design, manufacturer, and data storage IT corporation headquartered in California. It designs, manufactures, and trades data technology devices such as cloud storage services, data center systems, and storage devices. The company has a long history in the electronics business as a joint circuit maker and a storage products firm. It is regarded as one of the major manufacturers of flash memory devices, SSDs, and computer hard disk drives. Following are the details of the latest SN 750 NVMe SSD from WD.


  • 500 GB of capacity
  • PCIe generation 4 interface
  • Dimensions (HxWxL): 0.09″ x 0.87″ x 3.16″
  • WD BLACK NVMe SSD and complete Battlefield 2042 Edition PC Game Code contained within the box
  • Computer with M-key M.2 port, the capability of taking form factor of M.2 2280 Windows 10, and Windows 8.1


  • WD BLACK’s limited edition SN750 SE NVMe SSD PC Game Bundle Battlefield 2042 comprises a full code for a computer download of the newest entrance in the world-renowned game franchise. 
  • Killing performance and raging-fast speeds with PCIe Gen4 storage tech 3
  • 3600 MB/s4 of successive read speeds boost system, load times, and game so that you can have a faster action. 
  • Available in 1TB and 500GB capacities 
  • WD BLACK SN750 drive consumes 30 percent less power if you compare NVMe VS SSD 
  • For your peace of mind, the drive has a limited warranty of five years 


The Battlefield gaming series has been adored by gamers for around 20 years now. The company has marked a price tag of $150 on 1TB model and WD Black SN750 500GB variant of $100

Final Verdict

The drive practices 64-layer 3D NAND, and it has continued performance on long transcribes during tests. WD says the drive is rated at 200 TBs written per 250GB capacity. With a free game and special edition markings, this is a great drive going for a great price, and probably Battlefield 2042 turns out just as stellar. Go through our website to place the order memoryclearance.

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